Every Life Has a Story

Every person you meet is living a story.

We have a choice every day to either  miss the beauty or needs of others by focusing only on ourselves OR we can see the people we encounter at work, in our neighborhoods or in the local store as partners in out story.

On one hand people become obstacles to our own objectives in life.  People who can’t drive like us, a neighbor who’s uncut somehow lawn effects your temperament or who’s kids are too noisy at the grocery store.  A life where our own comforts, desires and whims are most important. That is one way to life.  But there is a better way. One in which we notice the world around us and find ways to hear their stories and engage them.  This moves us from isolation to community where we become co-creators of a story beyond ourselves.

Discovering another persons story might begin with a curious question, or a compassion smile.  It might simply be an encouraging word to a stranger.

Every life has a story.

The link for the video is here


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