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Make it matter

 If you’re not motivated to take action, raise the stakes. The way to get motivated, to get passionate and to get going is to make it worth your while.

It’s only natural to procrastinate, avoid and make excuses when what you must do has little or no meaning for you. The answer is not to force yourself to act against your own interest, but rather to find a way to get yourself positively invested.
When you make it important enough, you’ll make it happen. When you make it truly matter, you’ll figure out how, and you’ll persevere until it’s done.If you’re dreams are just empty wishes, and you’re not moving passionately toward them, make them bigger. Give them consequence, and you’ll make them compelling.Get your own self-interest working in your favor. Align that self-interest with what’s best for everyone, and you’ll find yourself actually doing what’s best for everyone, including you.

There’s no need to fight or strive or struggle to get yourself to take action. Make it matter, and you’ll make it happen.

— Ralph Marston

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