Marielle Johansson

Marielle Johansson is a world traveler from Gothenburg, Sweden who resides in Tulsa, OK. Having studied International Business during her undergrad years, she quickly realized her passion for helping companies thrive through strategic management and innovative marketing.

She went on to earn her Master of Divinity degree with an emphasis on Cultural Anthropology and was awarded the “Outstanding Academic Achievement” award for her academic research. Her eager interests for relating to people through cross-cultural communication intensified leading her to pursue a Master of Business Administration degree with a Specialization in Organizational Leadership. Upon graduation, she was recognized by her college with the “Most Outstanding Student” award.

Her enthusiasm for helping business leaders to think bigger, stand taller, and reach wider, has led her to work within a number of industries including Retail, Information Technology, Healthcare, and Commercial Real Estate Development. She enjoys assisting business owners in broadening their reach and capturing untapped equity. She currently works as a consultant at Anspire where she helps business leaders attract top quality employees for long term career advancements. During her free time, she enjoys modeling, mentoring, and making new friends.